U.S. Based Fulfillment
2-3 Day Shipping, Lower prices than AliExpress

Cut Costs

For 70% of clients, we are able to BEAT or match Aliexpress pricing, with 2-3 day US shipping.

Satisfy Customers

Our clients have typically seen their repeat customer rate increase by 2-3x and in turn profit increased by 70%

Don't Pay Until You See Results

You don't pay a dime until we start shipping your orders out!
All orders placed before 5pm are sent out the same day!
We will contact you within 12 hours
You Know What's Holding Your Business Back: Slow shipping times from China and lack of branding/customization
You Have the Power to Change Your Situation
What We Can Do
We Source For You
We source your products through our network of Chinese agents that have connections with nearly every manufacturer in China. We manufacture in bulk, driving down your prices.
We Stock For You
We hold your inventory free of charge, stocking it in our state of the art California warehouse.
We Ship For You
We ship your orders next day. It'll be at your customers door in 2-4 days!
Additional Benefits
  •  Custom Packaging: We offer a wide range of customizable packaging, allowing you to set yourself apart from other dropshippers.
  • Decreased Chargebacks: Our average client switching from Aliexpress + Oberlo saw their chargeback rate drop by 78%!
  • Repeat Customers: According to data from our clients, offering US shipping doubled or even tripled their repeat customer rate!
  •  We'll Work With You: Our #1 goal is to make your business more money
  •  Promotional Cards: We make customized cards offering site-wide discounts or specific product upsells. Increases revenue by 7-19%
Bob's Results: $13,917 Additional Profit
Pricing: $2.32 below what Bob was paying on Aliexpress
Chargebacks: ~80% decrease
Repeat Customers:  104% increase

Bob's Shopify store was able to increase their margins, netting him an additional $13,917 in profit just last month!

Changed My Business

"They were able to offer me pricing $2.32 cheaper than Aliexpress, only wish I started sooner. Customers are happy, and my stress levels are at historic lows. Bank account isn't hurting either!" 
Bob Thorgood, Dealbuster, LLC
How it Works
  • Get In Touch: Fill out the form at the top of the page, and we will contact you within 12 hours.
  •  Specifics: One of our account specialists will take a look at your top-selling products, and quote you the price that we can fulfill them at. 
  • Onboarding: We will purchase the inventory(at no cost to you), and integrate with your store. 
  •  Fulfillment:  We fulfill your orders everyday, and send you a weekly invoice.
    Lower Chargeback Rates
    Increased Repeat Customer Rates
    Passive - We Handle the Day to Day
    Brand Awareness - Become A Brand
    VVSFulfillment, LLC
    #1 U.S. Based fulfillment solution for dropshippers
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